Surf Life Saving in Australia is recognised as the most effective surf rescue service in the world, and Surf Sports is the main division of surf life saving that provides the key training for improving life saving skills, fitness and motivation for all our volunteer life savers.

This summer our junior, senior and masters surf lifesavers will line up across the state to take on the surf and sand, and it promises to be a most exciting season of sport on the beach. COB SLSC coaches are fully qualified and NCSA Accredited Surf Sport Instructors who conduct comprehensive training programs for all surf sport disciplines.

Training Sessions

A comprehensive competition training program covering the following disciplines is available to members for competition fitness and skill development.

New members are always welcome, but please contact the appropriate coach for more details below and program requirements before hand.

See Backwash Brief Newsletter for current training program.

2021/2022 Coaches

Ski Coach

James Duncan

Boards Coach

Denise Duncan

Ironman Coach

Denise Duncan

Beach Sprint & Flags

Megan Bain

Champion Lifesaver

Julie Best

Surf Boat Captain

Amy Cutts

SLSWA Surf Sport Events

Surf Sports competitions play a pivotal role in the surf lifesaving movement and are unique in that, unlike any sport, their intent is to aid in developing the skills necessary to carry out Surf Life Saving’s core purpose, saving lives on our beaches. Every year thousands of SLSWA members use their lifesaving skills in a competitive sporting environment. The 2019 -2020 Surf Sports season has been a great success with carnivals spanning the year; at club, state and national level; giving our surf lifesavers the opportunity to use their lifesaving skills in a competitive sporting environment across a range of disciplines including Ironman, lifesaving, surfboats, pool rescue and IRB racing.

Refer to the Club calendar for the events scheduled for the 2021– 2022 SLSWA surf sports competition season.

Trophy Events

Surf Life Saving is unique in that it provides opportunities for members to participate in the broadest range of sport activities. Members young and old, season after season, challenge themselves in Trophy Events that have a long and proud tradition in our club. All u14, u15, u17, u19, Senior, Master and Life Members who are financial are eligible to participate and challenge themselves in what is a great season of Surf Sports Trophy Events.

FR Hay Beach Sprint

A handicap Beach Sprint over 90m which will demonstrate the explosive power and strength of our Lifesavers.

de Chaneet Iron man

The exciting action packed Iron person event (swim, ski, board) over 3 rounds that provides the ultimate challenge of skill and fitness across all surf disciplines for our lifesavers. No handicap applies

Higgins Marathon

A run swim run marathon event that will challenge the lifesavers physical and mental fitness. 400m run, 400m swim, 400m run, 200m swim, 200m run, 200m swim, 400m run. Participate as Team, Duo, or Solo.

Barrett Half Mile

A handicap Half Mile Swim in the open water of the Back Beach that will see the surf swim skills of our Lifesavers in action as they compete for the prestigious Barrett Half Mile Trophy. Celebrate with our lifesavers and enjoy a sausage sizzle on the boardwalk. Team, Duo or Solo participants.

KF Hoskins U17 Surf Race/Leschanault Senior Surf Race

The swim and surf skills of our young and old lifesavers will be on display as they compete for the proud tradition of being the U17 or Senior Surf Swim Champion. Handicaps apply.

Captains Open Ski Race

Take a look at the names on the ‘Captains Ski Race Trophy’ and you will have an insight into the proud tradition of ski paddling in our club. An exciting and challenging event for all ski paddlers.

Drummond Family Board Race

A handicap Board Race that tests the power and strength of our Board paddlers and offers spectators the excitement and thrills of board paddling at it’s best. Proudly sponsored by life member Robbie Drummond and his family.

Fradelos Mile

A handicap Mile Swim in the open water of the Back Beach that will see the surf swim skills of our Lifesavers in action as they compete for the prestigious Fradelos Mile Trophy. Team, Duo or Solo participants. Life member John Fradelos and his family proudly sponsor this event.

Soulos Boat Race

The awesome strength of boat rowing will be on display as crews young and old fight for this Championship trophy event. The proud tradition continues.

Senior Club Championships

The Senior Club Championships (U14 to Masters) competition will see all lifesavers compete in a single day of championship events including Surf swim, Ironman, Board race, Ski Paddle, Rescue Tube race, and Beach sprint and flags. No handicaps.

Nipper Club Championships

The future lifesavers of our club and community from u8 to u13 will have the opportunity to challenge their lifesaving skills in a surf swim, board race, beach sprint and beach flags. No handicaps.